Power Line Hum (2019)

Oslo City Hall, 2019

Power Line Hum (komposisjon for orgelet i Oslo rådhus / Composition for the Organ in Oslo City Hall) 2019

There were plans for a massive pipe organ in Oslo City Hall, but the pipes on the north wall in the main hall are purely decorative. Due to budget overrun on the City Hall project, the plans for the pipe-organ was put aside in favor of an electric Hammond organ placed behind the facade-pipes. In my project, I have unmuted some of these pipes and have them play together with the original Hammond-organ. The selection of tones is based on a transcription of the electrical noise from a fuse box in the City Hall.

Power Line Hum was on in Oslo City Hall every day from 15:45 to 16:00, from 23.05.19 to 21.09.19.

The piece was part of Oslobiennalen First Edition.